Advice on Terms and Conditions

It is critical for any Company, no matter what sector of industry, to have suitable Terms and Conditions. Effectively drafted and used correctly in all contractual dealings with customers, they can afford your business protection in disputed cases and avoid bad debt problems.

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Suggestions on Terms and Conditions to be used

If you currently do not use Terms and Conditions, you are leaving your business wide open to problems. We will advise you quickly on the terms and conditions you should adopt and advise how these can be incorporated into every contract made.

Overhaul of current Terms and Conditions

Many businesses do not review their terms and conditions, despite changes in legislation and general trading practices. Daniels Silverman Ltd provide a Terms and Condition "MOT" to assess your current terms and advise how they could be updated and improved to protect your business further.

Concise terms regarding overdue payment, charges and interest

Every business suffers from slow payers and overdue accounts. We can help you ensure clients are penalised if your payment terms are not met by giving clear advice in these areas. This will include ensuring your payment terms are clear to your customers, detailing the costs of non payment, and protecting your business so that all collection and litigation costs incurred as a result of non payment are recoverable in every case.

Advice on how to ensure terms are effective and legally binding

It is a common misconception that terms and conditions should be endorsed on the back of all invoices submitted to your clients, and they will then be legally binding and enforceable. This is not the case. Daniels Silverman Limited ensure their clients are aware of the aspects of Contract Law that govern this, and are fully protected in each and every case. We also advise on how new terms and conditions can be imposed on existing customers.

Special terms for individual business sectors

Due to our experience dealing with Credit Management and debt recovery issues across all industry sectors, we can provide clients with advice on special and unique terms and conditions required in your chosen field.

Client Testimonials

Cavity Dental Staff was delighted when Daniels Silverman recovered 100 per cent of the debt owed to them. Sharon Dunne, Director, said: "We were impressed with the recovery rate and found the service very easy to use. We would definitely use Daniels Silverman again and would recommend them without hesitation."