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Our highly trained and experienced commercial debt collection professionals deliver superior debt collector results and client service in the UK and overseas.

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"No recovery – No fee"

Daniels Silverman operates on a no recovery no fee basis for pre-legal collections (95% of cases). There are no hidden costs. If we do not recover, you do not pay.

Dedicated debt recovery account manager

Dedicated account managers advise clients throughout the collection process and gain an in-depth understanding of each debt to devise the most appropriate course of action.

Tailored debt recovery

Every commercial debt is treated individually. Debt information is analysed on receipt and a decision taken as to the quickest debt recovery route.

Automated event-driven technology

Daniels Silverman's unique debt collection technology automates routine processes. This allows our professional debt collectors to focus on making personal contact over the telephone or in person.

Proactive debt collection by telephone

Our expert debt collectors contact each customer by telephone. This personal approach allows any queries or disputes to be resolved immediately and ensures maximum returns.

Personal visits

If necessary, the customer can be visited at home or work. Legal proceedings can be personally served to ensure maximum impact.

Focus on insolvency procedures resulting in early payment

By applying our philosophy of debt collection the "can't pays" are quickly separated from the "won't pays". The latter category is then chased using insolvency procedures, rather than traditional methods. Customers are advised personally of the implications of insolvency, normally resulting in a successful recovery.

Extensive payment methods

All payment methods are accepted including cash, cheque, bankers draft, BACS, CHAPS, credit and debit cards and personal paying in books. Cleared funds are passed to clients from ring fenced audited client accounts.

Continuous debt collector reports

Clients are notified on each case as developments occur and receive regular reports. Reports can be delivered in a range of formats and tailored to specific requirements.

Dispute resolution expertise

Daniels Silverman debt recovery professionals are fully trained in mediation to quickly resolve disputes without the need for lengthy and expensive litigation through the courts.

Automated debt referral system

We accept instructions in any format from our clients including post, fax, email and other electronic formats.

Client Testimonials

Cavity Dental Staff was delighted when Daniels Silverman recovered 100 per cent of the debt owed to them. Sharon Dunne, Director, said: "We were impressed with the recovery rate and found the service very easy to use. We would definitely use Daniels Silverman again and would recommend them without hesitation."