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Our association with nationally known Insolvency Practitioners, and Solicitors operating a forensic accounting service, allow our clients to recover monies which would otherwise be written off.

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When a company is subject to a Winding Up Order most creditors believe there is nothing further that can be done and will write the account off. This is not the case. We carry out in-depth investigations to ascertain whether there has been any element of wrongful or fraudulent trading by one or more Directors. If proven, steps can be taken by the liquidator to retrieve personal assets from those directors for the benefit of creditors.

Alternatively a case can be put to the Department of Trade and Industry for further action to be taken.

In cases where action can be taken, our solicitors work on a "no win - no fee" basis.

We represent clients at Creditors' Meetings to ensure all relevant points are raised and answered, and manage insolvent customers and ensure clients are kept informed of recovery prospects throughout.

Both corporate and consumer insolvencies are tracked and monitored to ensure full compliance with current legislation by the practitioners and customers concerned, and that all declared dividends are recovered by clients. At the first sign of default, steps are taken to pursue unpaid debts by all available methods.

Client Testimonials

Cavity Dental Staff was delighted when Daniels Silverman recovered 100 per cent of the debt owed to them. Sharon Dunne, Director, said: "We were impressed with the recovery rate and found the service very easy to use. We would definitely use Daniels Silverman again and would recommend them without hesitation."