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Our specialist panel of debt recovery solicitors allow our clients to benefit from an effective litigation service at substantially reduced or no cost. Our clients receive a full in-depth legal service covering all methods of enforcement, arbitration and dispute resolution

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Pro-active panel of solicitors

The solicitors we use have been chosen for their pro-active approach to debt recovery matters and thorough use of all legal methods available to them. Cases are actioned immediately on referral and clients updated throughout the legal process.

Fixed recoverable costs available for undisputed cases

In the extremely small percentage of cases where our debt recovery team are unable to secure payment, clients will be advised to consider legal action. Provided the matter is simply one of "won't pay" despite all our internal efforts, not disputed, and under the current £5,000 small claims limit, our solicitors work on fixed recoverable costs. This allows our clients to benefit from an extremely cost-effective litigation solution. If successful the costs are entirely recoverable from the customer.

Hugely discounted or no cost (CFA's) for disputed matters

If the customer seriously disputes a case, and our experienced internal legal team are unable to negotiate an acceptable out of Court settlement, clients have access to our solicitors to progress the matter further. They will assess every individual case and either agree "capped" costs at hugely discounted rates, or offer a Conditional Fee Arrangement whereby the clients costs are fully protected by an insurance policy and no cost. This allows strong cases to proceed with no risk to our clients, and ensures clients benefit from costs which could be too expensive to pursue in normal circumstances.

Emphasis on insolvency proceedings for speedy recovery

Wherever possible (ie in cases over £750 in value, and where there is no dispute) we will pursue the customer utilising insolvency proceedings. That is the personal service of Statutory Demands both to individual, partnership and company customers. Whilst seen as a draconian step by many Credit Management service providers, we have proved such action results in swift payment being procured for our clients, where other more traditional methods by fail. By far the majority of customers contacted in this manner, either pay in full or negotiate a settlement arrangement acceptable to our clients. For the more difficult cases, both individual Bankruptcy Petitions and Company Winding Up Petitions can follow.

Specialist arbitration procedures

Many industrial contracts are covered by special pre-action protocols and arbitration procedures. Our panel of solicitors are experts in various industrial fields and offer quick resolution of problems through tried and tested arbitration procedures.

Personal and down to earth approach

Our solicitors will keep our clients fully informed throughout the legal process. They will provide helpful advice and guidance as to the best action to be taken to secure a successful recovery on a case by case basis. Clients can fully understand the steps involved together with time scales and cost implications, rather than be mystified by legal jargon or small print.

Client Testimonials

Cavity Dental Staff was delighted when Daniels Silverman recovered 100 per cent of the debt owed to them. Sharon Dunne, Director, said: "We were impressed with the recovery rate and found the service very easy to use. We would definitely use Daniels Silverman again and would recommend them without hesitation."